Damp and Condensation - Frequently Asked Questions


What causes condensation in homes?

Poor ventilation and high levels of moisture can cause condensation throughout the property. Shower, Cooking and drying clothes can cause the moisture levels to increase, when this moisture comes in contact with cooler air or a surface, condensation is formed which can lead to damp or mould. Most homes notice damp and condensation more during the winter months.


How can I reduce condensation?

Good ventilation is key to avoiding condensation. When you undergo activities such as showering, cooking or drying clothes ensure there is an escape route for the moisture in the air, opening a window or use of an extractor fan will help.

Minimising the amount of moisture released into the air will also help, simple things like leaving the lid on the pans when cooking or drying clothes outside instead of radiators will help in the long run.


What is damp?

Damp is unwanted moisture that has come into the property either through outside water ingress or rising damp.


Can damp & condensation affect my health?

Yes, if left damp can become mould which will affect your health.
This can cause the following symptoms; Throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, eye irritation etc.

If you have any problems with condensation or damp, call us on 01233 665107 to arrange for our ventilation specialist to discuss solutions.



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