Electric Storage Heaters - Frequently Asked Questions


What is a storage heater and how does it work?

A standard storage heater is wall-mounted and visually looks like a radiator. The system works by using electricity over a few hours at night and stores it in either a bank of clay or ceramic brick which provides heat the following day. Storage heaters work more efficient connected to an Economy 7 system.


What is an Economy 7 System?

Economy 7 is off-peak electricity supplied to your house, usually overnight when demand for electricity nationally is low. Commonly electric tariffs known as 'off-peak' or 'economy 7' supply electricity at a cheaper price then standard daytime electricity.


How do I get an Economy 7 Supply?

Speak to your energy supplier and they will provide an economy 7 meter.


Do I need anything before installation?

No, unless you are having the previous storage heaters removed by the engineer, if you are then please ensure the heaters are switched off 24hours before the installation is due to remove them, to give the internal bricks time to cool down.


Can I control the amount of heat produced?

Yes, each storage heater has an 'input' and an 'output' setting so you can control how much heat is stored overnight and how much heat is used throughout the day. These are normally a simple dial system. Some other models also have a timer so you can set it so the heat output is larger at certain times throughout the day.


My storage heater isn't working, what shall I do?

Check that both the on/off switch and input and output controls are on and up high, if this does not work, please call us on 01233 665107 and we can arrange for an engineer to attend and inspect the electrical supply.


Can you get a portable storage heater?

No, all storage heaters are designed to be wall mounted and plugged into a fused spur.


Is a Storage Heater or Oil Filled Radiator more economical?

This all depends on how they are used. A storage heater is most economical when you spend a lot of time at home or need heat throughout the day. These also work best in well insulated homes. Oil filled radiators are best when you only need heat at specific times of the day, as most digital ranges have a timer built it in to control as and when the heat is distributed.


Do storage heaters need PAT Testing?

See Electrical Services FAQs


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