Energy Saving Solutions from Terry Baker Electrical Contractors

World energy consumption has risen 45% since 1980 and it is projected to be 70% higher by 2030 so no wonder then that global warming is creeping nearer to the top of the political agenda.

Environmental concerns and public opinion on climate change will stimulate continued actions by governments, opinion leaders, and special interest groups forcing industry and encouraging households to respond.

At Terry Baker Electrical Contactors we are committed to investigating the research and promotion of new energy saving schemes for business and households and coupled with the ongoing training and development of our staff we can offer advice and help on many of the new Energy Saving Solutions now available that can save you money, save energy and enhance your environmental credentials.

Amongst the many options available here are some of the most popular:

Energy Saving Boiler Controls

Can save up to 60% on your heating bills and can be fitted to most industrial and domestic boilers

Voltage Optimisation

A simple device to ensure a correct, even flow voltage is applied at all times and can save up to 20% on energy use and help prolong the life of electrical appliances.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is the future for lighting. It costs a fraction of the cost to run compared to standard lamps, emits less heat therefore is safer and kinder on the environment.
LED lamps can be installed in a variety of colours, light fittings and are available for internal and external lighting.
With improved technology affordable LED lighting is a must. Let our expert technicians help you choose your correct LED fitting and it could save you up to 90% on your lighting energy costs.

Solar Energy

What could be more environmentally friendly than using energy from the sun to create electricity and you will actually get paid for doing so. We will show you how you can take full advantage of Solar Energy.

Whether you are a commercial or domestic client you could make significant savings and improve your carbon footprint with the right help and advice. To fully appreciate the skill and experience we have in this area we recommend you make an appointment for one of our technicians to visit you and conduct a short initial survey to establish just how we can help you.

EV Car Charging

As Electric cars become more commonplace for homes across the country, we are happy to offer an installation service like no other. We can complete all aspects of the installation from quoting, installation to arranging your Government grant.

As part of the OLEV Grant Scheme, the government are willing to pay up to £500 towards the installation price for some installations that meet their requirements. To discuss the requirements please give us a call on 01233 665107 or email. See our EV Car Charging FAQs.

Electric cars have many benefits amongst other things they are quieter and lower maintenance then standard petrol/diesel cars and beneficial for the planet.


Read our Energy Saving FAQ section


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