Central Vacuum Systems

A Central Vacuum system is a must have for any home - it can be installed in any property and provides up to 5 times the power of a conventional hoover. Great for allergy sufferers, it creates cleaner air system that can be easily installed into most old or new properties and costs less than you might think.

From the unit a 52mm (2 inch) pipe is routed through the property to inlet sockets located strategically throughout the building. This allows as much coverage as possible from each inlet. There is no heavy or cumbersome machine to carry around just a lightweight flexible hose which follows you effortlessly around as you clean. Simply plug the hose into an inlet and off you go, vacuuming has never been so quick and easy!

In the kitchen there is the added bonus of a vac pan, with this you can sweep all your kitchen debris to the vac pan and with the flick of a switch it’s gone.

We offer a wide range of wall sockets, from standard white to chrome, we can even supply a wood grain finish. Whatever the room decor there is a central vacuum point that will fit in discretely and never look out of place.

With a wide range of heads and accessories there is no job your central vacuum system can’t do. From dusting wands to turbo heads, we offer a full range of accessories to suit all applications.

We have a large selection of hoses, ranging from 7 to 15 metres and also have a retractable hose which goes from 4 to 10 metres in length. There is also a range of separators, these are for liquid and ash, they fit to your central vac and are useful for picking up large spills and cleaning open fires or log burners.

We have a central vacuum unit for any property, from a small flat to a large mansion; we also have machines for commercial and retail premises.

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