Damp & Condensation

With people making their homes more and more air tight and improving their loft and cavity wall insulation there is often no natural air flow through the building, so there is no way for damp stale air to escape the property. This can lead to condensation on windows and mould growth which can be hazardous to your health.

At Terry Baker Electrical Contractors we have become experts in curing these types of problems. With a wide range of produces we have a solution for every type of condensation or damp problem. From a problem in a single room to a whole house solution.


These are a great way of introducing fresh air into any property. There is no electrical supply needed and can be fitted in a wall or through a ceiling or loft space. The freshvent natural vent is thermostatically controlled, with the vent size automatically adjusting to the temperature outside. As temperature decrease the damper closes stopping cold outside air entering the property, but when the outside temperature increases the vent will adjust accordingly, so keeping the room at a comfortable level.

  • Completely silent, all year round ventilation.
  • Complements existing ventilation fans.
  • Filtered, natural air without draughts
  • Control of the outside environment
  • Help prevent damaging condensation
  • No energy consumption, no running costs

dMEV fans

By using a very low powered energy efficient dc motor dMEV fans run continually. The fan constantly changes the air in the room it is fitted, therefore there is no chance for damp stale air to encourage condensation and mould to form.

These types of fans are ideal for bathrooms, wc’s, kitchens and utility rooms etc. The boost function of the fan can be increased with the change of demand of the room.

  • Constant volume option
  • Normal and boost speeds
  • Lo-carbon motor offering 90% energy savings and long life
  • SAP appendix Q eligible

Positive ventilation system

Positive ventilation units are a very sophisticated whole house ventilation and condensation control system that are designed to gently ventilate the building from a central position on the landing of the house or the central hallway of a flat or bungalow. The ventilation unit keeps a subtle air supply throughout the house to transform a stagnant stale atmosphere into a fresh healthy, condensation free home. And with a very energy efficient heater, the fan doesn’t make the property cold when the outside temperature is cold in the winter. By using a sensor the fan intelligently knows when to operate the heater depending on the outside temperature.

  • Eliminate condensation and mould growth
  • Stops streaming windows
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Removes musty odours
  • Built-in low energy heater warms incoming air