Underfloor Heating

Electric under floor heating is a great addition to any property, ideal for kitchen and bathroom but can be used in any room, this is a stand alone heating system and by the use of a programmable room stat it can be a great form of heat.

Imagine stepping out of the bath or shower onto a warm floor. The rooms most people upgrade in their homes are bathrooms and kitchens. It makes sense to enhance the feel of these rooms with underfloor heating.

Combined with your original heating system you can experience a feeling of true luxury. The underfloor heating can provide instant heat and with the wide range of programmable controllers they can provide a very economical form of heating.


Cable can either be supplied in rolls, ideal for those awkward shaped floors, and mats. We can advise you of the best system for your needs.


We can supply a wide range of thermostats ensuring your heating needs are fully met. Including the following features:

  • Touch screens
  • 7 day programmable
  • Holiday mode

For more information contact Richard at Terry Baker’s.